OASIS Training

A full day (8 hours) training presentation of OASIS D1 will be conducted by a Clinical Consultant at the client’s practice location to its employees and administration.  A Clinical Consultant will provide presentation materials, specialized tools and samples related to the topic of training for each attendee.


Medical coding is a major task for all homecare organizations. Matching Physician and or referral diagnoses with the correct codes can be challenging. Moreover, frequent changes in coding requirements cause further complications that affect your claims.


How do you ensure accuracy, eliminate risks, and give your organization a fighting chance? Accurate Management Advisors can ensure compliance with diagnosis coding and improve work flow.

Our team of reviewers provide agencies with the highest level of quality. Not only do our agencies benefit with the highest reimbursement possible under the current PDGM system, agencies also benefit from the pricing that is the most reasonable in the industry!

We pride ourselves in the services we offer

· Dedicated Account Consultant

· Guaranteed turnaround time is 48 hours or less

· Minimize Errors

· All coders are certified

· Pricing is the lowest in the industry

· Ensure accurate Reimbursement

· Improved STAR ratings

· Guaranteed HIPAA compliance

· No minimum number of records

No binding long term contracts

Care Plan Management & Oversight (on-going QA)

Clinical Consultants will provide a systematic evaluation of patient records to identify minimum standards of quality and deficiencies related to care plan management and documentation.

Documentation and items reviewed will include, but are not limited to:

~Plan of care (485)

~Continuity of clinical services provided, as dictated by the Plan of Care

~ Analysis of Patient problems and their related goals

~Interventions documented by clinicians (visit notes)

~Evaluation of Medications identified (does not include interactions)

~Overall continuity of OASIS assessments

~Consistency of Physician orders

~Documented supervision of clinical services

~Documented supervision of Aid services

~Documented case conferencing/coordination of services

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